rapidly changing glitchy face rapidly changing glitchy face rapidly changing glitchy face

Hi! This is my glitch page. I'm a regular son of a glitch. Here are some things I have made!!!!


marroon glitchy image with a magpie.

Here is my short dance/glitch film, Å®†3ƒ@ç+!

Å®†3ƒ@ç+ is a short dance film that uses digital glitch to explore degradation and generation loss across multiple mediums. It layers and blends footage of a body dancing with the fractal textures of natural elements like trees and birds, creating a dense lattice of flickering colour, branching light, and human forms, all buried in pastel washes of cascading residuum.

Blue Flowers

These are some stickers I made out of a still from a short glitch experiment I'll call: Blue Flowers.

sticker sticker sticker

blueflowers blueflowers blueflowers

мιςг๏๒เคɭ s̸u̸ns͟͟͟͞͞͞e͟͟͟͞͞͞t͟͟͟͞͞͞ or: supernova as viewed from below the skin

Here are some videos exploring skin and organic growing forms.

Here is an AI x Glitch video I made for a larger work-in-progress tentatively titled, "Walk Me Thru the Sludge of this Autumnal Human Wasteland".




mushroomhands mushroomhands mushroomhands more!